Five Reasons Why You Need An AirPods Case Cover

Five Reasons Why You Need An AirPods Case Cover

AirPods come with a case as they are delicate and can be easily misplaced when not in use. Instead of storing your AirPods in a handbag, wallet, or pocket, you can use and AirPod Case Cover to keep them secure. Most people are familiar with the benefits of a phone case, but using a cover for smaller devices, such as AirPods cases, isn't as prevalent yet.

Here are five reasons why you should purchase a cover for your AirPods case.

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 1. Protects against scratches and dirt:

Your sparkling new AirPods Charging Case may appear lovely when you first purchase it, but after a few journeys to the bottom of your bag or pocket, it may begin to look scuffed and worn. The most effective method to protect AirPods charging case from considerable damage is to use a protective cover.

Make sure to select a cover that fits tightly around the charging case's body. Dust particles might get trapped between the charging case and the cover itself in case of a gap, causing scratches and external damage. Expressiffy's customized cases are made to fit perfectly on your AirPods, preventing dirt from getting in the charging case and causing damage

2. Keeps AirPods safe in case of a drop:

In the event of a drop, it's not just the case that must be protected; you also want to make sure the AirPods inside are safe. Although Apple's charging case is meant to keep the AirPods safe when they're not in use, it doesn't provide significant protection against impacts that might cause damage to the earphones themselves.

An impact-absorbing case is an excellent defense against shocks and drops. Expressiffy's Custom Leather AirPod Pro Case is made of soft electroplated shock-absorbing leather that absorbs the energy of drops and impacts. Our customized cases provide optimal protection for your AirPods in case of an accidental drop.

Expressiffy's Personalized leather Airpod case with photo of mother and daughter    Personalized leather airpod case with airpod beside it   Leather AirPod case with personalized monogram


3. Enhances the grip:

When it comes to aesthetics, the AirPods Charging Case is quite appealing, but it can easily slide out of your hand due to its slippery texture. Expressiffy's Custom Wooden Airpod Cases helps you maintain a tight grip on your AirPods because of its durable and rugged surface.


Expressiffy genuine wooden Airpod Case Personalized with the name Matt R    Quality Personalized Custom Wooden Airpod Case with the name Tommy

4. Helps with loss prevention:

As with most smaller gadgets, there's a good chance you'll misplace your AirPods when traveling or moving from one location to another. In order to prevent this from happening, Expressiffy includes a metal carabiner keychain on their customized cases. You can easily reach your AirPods by attaching the keychain to your keys, belt loop, or bag strap.

Expressiffy's personalized leather airpod case on a hand bag     A customized airpod case hooked on a belt loop

5. Customization and enhanced visual appeal:

Apart from providing safety to your AirPods, protective cases can also be used to make them visually appealing. Opting for customized cases provides you with an opportunity to incorporate your own style.

At Expressiffy, creating your own customized AirPod case is a breeze. Simply upload a photo or design, add a text, and leave the rest to us.

Expressiffy's personalized airpod case with customized design and name    a Personalized Airpod Case with a unicorn head and name    A personalize airpod case with photo and name

When it comes to AirPod case customization, Expressiffy offers you plenty of options in shapes, material, color, and styles. Click here to shop from a wide range of cases available at Expressiffy.

Our cases are excellent at keeping your AirPods safe and secure


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